A Magical Experience

4 UCM Fashion majors and our professors outside Project.

What is MAGIC?
WWD MAGIC is a convention where the international apparel, accessories and footwear professionals trade information, preview trends, build business and shop fashion. Each year this convention is held in February and August. MAGIC is split up between WWD, FN Platform, Sourcing and Project. WWD is the women’s, juniors and accessories are, FN Platform is the footwear, Sourcing is where private labels can be created and Project is menswear.
A view of the floor at MAGIC
Fashion Snoops
At MAGIC, we went to the Fashion Snoops seminar where they talked about trends for fall 2013/14. The colors are Crimson Red, Loden Green, Emerald Green, Mustard seed, Pink Dahlia, Cobalt Blue, Ink to get away from the Black, Nude with a Peach tone and of course Black. It is said that color is moving on the floor, meaning there is a lot more color out. Everyone should not be afraid of it. The key items were Peplum, Leather Pants, the modified sweatshirt with interest of sequins, studs and/ or embellishment, asymmetric skirts, dresses and shirts meaning high in the front and low in the back, statement jacket, fur vest, oversized sweater, patterned pants, military jackets and pencil skirts.

Fashion Snoops Trend Seminar
MAGIC is overwhelming because of the amount of companies and brands there are. I have been there twice as a fashion major.  During my first experience at MAGIC, the company booths were open where you could see a lot of the products and designs. This time more of the company booths, such as Miss Me and Jessica Simpson, were covered so that they could protect their designs.  It was crowded with buyers but I think it was busier last year than it was this year. The second time going to MAGIC, I met with the Miss Me seller and  we talked for a while about the convention; this was a great networking opportunity. Project is the same as MAGIC where the company booths are covered and you have to have an appointment or account with them to see their products. Some of the students ran into celebrities. In both places, you can easily get lost, turned around and spend hours looking at all the products. This is an experience not to pass up because you get to see the buying process and get ideas for visual merchandising. More information can be found at www.magiconline.com

                                       Written by: Ashley Umsted and Lauren  Smith

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