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Seven Days of Denim

Ever since it gained popularity with the youth in the 1950's, denim has been a staple in most people's closets. Even in a college girl's busy life, with its versatility denim can incorporated into almost any outfit for whatever occasion you may have. Being busy doesn't have to mean compromising style- so check out how to rock a denim staple from your closet for each day of the week.

Sunday With patio weather upon us, Sundays are the perfect day for brunch with friends. As the weather gets warmer, stay cool with an off-the-shoulder cropped top, white pants, and wedges for the perfect Sunday look.

Monday Beat the Monday blues by throwing on a classic oversized button-up top over a simple striped shirt, comfy black leggings, and Converse. Because this look is so low maintenance, you can hit the snooze button a few extra times and still look good on your way to class or the library.

Tuesday Show off your style with an off-the-shoulder black shirt tucked into light wash shorts. P…

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