Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Savvy Saver

 MK logo from one of my purses.

Now let me start off by saying we all like the finer things in life but when and college and having to manage money, you have to become a budget shopper. 

The best place to bargain?
TJ Maxx You Should Go!!!! Yes I said TJ Maxx. I love shopping at TJ Maxx because they literally have everything that you can think of. They have clothes, purses, jewelry, furniture, and more. I personally go to get Micheal Kors purses. Yes, you read correct, Michael Kors! The purses are 100% real but at a very affordable price. They have many different type of purses and wallets and just having the ability to walk out with a real named brand purse with $150 knocked off is a blessing from God himself. 
TJ Maxx...the store you need to visit.

Seeking for the best...
Now when looking through the purses you have to have PATIENTS!!!!!! You have to look through and actually search for what you are looking for. A lot of people shop at TJ Maxx and many people and sometimes myself included likes to sneak purses towards the back until the next time. So you have to search and search and there goes the purses tucked in the back. Just grab them, nobody name is on them HAHAHAHAHAHA! The benefit of purse shopping at TJ Maxx is that you have the ability to purchase more than one purse at the same time. You're saving money on a quality brand.

What you can find while shopping at TJ Maxx

Our little secret!
Another benefit of buying a Micheal Kors purse from TJ Maxx is that nobody will never know that you got it from TJ Maxx unless you tell them. It has the same brand logo, the same tag,  same keychain and everything as a purse you'll buy from Macy's or Dillard's. I don't know about you, But I rather buy 2 purse at the price for one everyday and keep my little secret to myself. Now I'm not keeping my secret because I'm embarrassed or ashamed, but because I want all the purses to myself and the less people you tell the less will bargain shop at TJ Maxx!
Purses I purchased from TJ Maxx.

Written by: Eboni Carter 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Plats Going Flat 

I love platform shoes. Platform shoes have been around for a long time. They often faded out and came back, but along the way they were worn for different things. They have transformed so much over time and they are BACK! We wear platforms on Sandals, tennis shoes, heels, and oxfords. With summer approaching platform sandals are going to be worn a lot. They are very trendy and cute with casual looks. Sometimes they add edge to your outfits. Below are Flat/Plats trends for  spring 2016!

Top 3 styles Spring 2016 

1.   Bold Platforms 
Bold platforms are cute and trendy for the spring 2016. They add the pop to your outfit that you were looking for. They make the statement with their different patterns or pops of color! 

Joann Boho platform  sandal from Aldo
Priced at 90.00$ Shop at
Tropical Platform sandal from GoJane priced at 29.50 shop 
2.  70's Inspired 
The 70's inspired platforms are chunky heels. That can be paired with a basic pair of jeans for spring festivals such as Coachella. They come in neutrals and are very trendy!

Brown Chuncky heel from GoJane priced at
39.50 Shop

3.  Fun Flatform 
Fun flatform shoes are fun sandals that can be dressed up or down! They bring the variety a girl wants to your closet they come in fun colors and patterns. They are being sold everywhere now. 

Floral print Flatform Sandal from
gojane priced at  23.20$ Shop
Berisford sandal from aldo priced at 60.00$ shop

Eowenna Sandal form Aldo priced at 70.00

Where the Spring 2016 Trends came from

This shoes is from 220 Bc
Worn by actors.

220 BC

In 220 BC important actors wore platforms to show how their importance because the higher the platform more important you were.



This is when platform shoes we know became fashionable. Salvatore Ferragamo’s fashion forward cork sandal was a big influence on the platform craze. During this period platforms were worn for day and evening wear.

Ferragomo Sandal designed for Judy Garland in 


The 90’s brought about the platform sneakers they became really popular when the international girls group “The Spice Girls” wore them. 
Spice Girls pictured wearing different types of
platform shoes! 90's

Written By: Raven Whitten

Monday, May 2, 2016

African Pride
Written by Evelyn Zayumba

Me in a dashiki that was bought in Tanzania

History in the Making 

Dashiki (pronounced duh-shee-kee) is originated from the West African term Danshiki referring to a short, sleeveless tunic worn by men. These garments have been found dated back to the twelfth and thirteen centuries in various African countries. By the 1960s the dashiki represented the movement of the Afrocentric fashion. African Americans were sported wearing dashikis brought over to the states by travelers and Peace Corps volunteers. The dashiki in the United States was brought over to be a representation of black culture and became an expression of black identity, cultural struggles and nationalism.

A few pictures of A-list celebs: Beyonce, Chris Brown and Jhene Aiko wearing their dashiki's

Fast forwarding to 2016, dashikis are back trending like no other. Again, a black movement is in this era. With all of the campaigns on “black girl magic” or “melanin poppin’” what better time to show off your roots by sporting these stylish outfits made out of rich colors and prints rooted from the African culture itself? Many A-list celebs such as Beyonce, Chris Brown and Jhene Aiko have been seen out rocking their own dashiki in different styles of dresses, skirts, cropped tops, tunics and even long kimono style robes. This revolutionary style keeps evolving and making its way back to history, what better time than now to wear a style that subtlety protest society’s disrespect for African Americans. It’s a symbol of affirmation... “Black is beautiful”. 

Rock your own! 

If you want to rock your own dashiki, you can find them at..