Caught On Campus: UCM Fashion

It's always fun to see college students embrace and remix the current fast-fashion trends on campus in way that makes it their own. Freshman Jordan was "caught on campus" sporting an on trend spring look of a long-sleeve blue/white striped shirt tucked in muted grey slacks accented with a 3 tiered tribal stirpped necklace (which proves that the pattern works well on accessories too) and black sequined classic TOMS. Cuffing the bottom of the grey trousers gave another element to the sailor outfit. The simplicity of this look showcased the underlying nautical theme, but with a campus casual twist!
Traditional vs. TREND-itional
Freshman Shelby does not appear to be a student who would break the rules, but in her "caught on campus" look she is.  In a fashionable way of course! By mixing a 3 quartered black top that has lace design on the upper chest and ruffles on the sleeves with a pair of daring shiny metallic printed trousers, she is mixing traditional and trend. When asked where she got her pants she said, “The thrift store in downtown Warrensburg.” This shows how finding an outfit does not have to come from spending big bucks at the mall, but by saving pennies locally. Shelby’s look was complimented by a mid-high top-knot bun hairstyle with side swoop bangs.

-Written By: Jennifer Hanson


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