Cinderella Dress Exchange Fashion Show

Creating the Fashion Show 

WHS students with UCM Fashion students after the show.       

The Fashion Promotions and Visual Merchandising class put a lot of work into creating a fashion show to kick off the Cinderella Dress Exchange event. The class first had to send out fliers to Warrensburg High School asking girls to participate in the show. While waiting for students to sign up to be models, there were a lot of other things to be done and the class decided for a prom theme "Night to Remember" for the fashion show. The class separated into committees to make the process run smoother. The dress committee met to sort the dresses by sizes so when the models arrived, the girls could find the dresses easier. The lighting and music committee decided where the lights should be placed in the show, made a music mix, and got balloons for props on the stage. One of the Fashion Promotion and Visual Merchandising students also got corsages, tuxes, and small gift bags donated for the show. The hair and makeup committee fixed the models hair and makeup before the show while also asking outside sources, including cosmetology students, to come help. The last committee, the model committee, helped with everything involving the models including helping them find a dress and making sure they were put in an order for the show.
Dress Rehearsal

A UCM student teaches WHS students how to walk. 

WHS students wait patiently while
they learn where to line up.
On March 6, the night before the fashion show, the UCM Fashion Promotion and Visual Merchandising class got the models together to practice for the show. The class showed the models how and where to walk. The models were able to practice with the music to get the timing of their walks down. A photographer came to the dress rehearsal to take pictures of the models practicing. The models for the show got the option to keep the dress they wore for a donation of canned goods, the rest of the dresses were available in the Cinderella Dress Exchange after the fashion show.

Fashion Show

A WHS student strikes a pose

at the end of the runway

A WHS student escorts

a model to open the show.

These three dresses were available for high school students

to choose from after the show.

The fashion show took place on the afternoon of March 7. All of the models showed up before the show to go through a final walk through. The girls were all so nervous and excited for the show to begin. After the walk through, the models went backstage to put on their dresses and get their hair and make-up fixed. When the girls were ready, they received beautiful corsages donated by Woods Floral. The male model received a boutonniere that matched his tux. Once the show started, there was nothing but joy backstage. The model's faces lit up when they hit the runway! The models had a great time and the fashion show really boosted some of the girl's confidence levels. The fashion show was a great success as you can see by the picture below!

To learn more about the this event, visit our Cinderella Dress Exchange blog post.

Written by: Jessica Williams and Matthew Rayburn 



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