Earth Day 365: Haute Trash 2013

What is Haute Trash?

Haute Trash: An Artistic Collaborative is a non-profit organization based out of California. Their mission is “to create and produce performance art of the highest professional quality and to perform it before the broadest possible audience.” Designers create garments to educate and empower their audiences to rethink, reuse and recycle. UCM invited Haute Trash back for their 5th year to host the fashion show in the Union Ballroom. Over half of the designs in the fashion show were from local designers, including fashion majors at UCM and two professors, Melissa Abner and Keli Geisendorfer.

So many people were involved in the production of the Haute Trash fashion show for Earth Day 365. Thank you to Kathy Griffin, representative of Haute Trash, for allowing us to participate in this fashion show. Thank you to Donna Bodenhammer in Student Financial Services for funding the show and coming up with the idea to bring them to campus. Thanks UCM Theatre department and Warrensburg Career Center Cosmetology students for hair and make up. Finally, a special thanks to all the UCM fashion students who helped with the production, backstage, and the overall flow of the show!

Designs by UCM Fashion Students

Modeled by Abbie Barker
Designer Ashley Umstead, Hollister Bag Dress- Ashley used her leftover Hollister bags to create a dress for Haute Trash.

Modeled by Bobbie Hicks
Designer Keli Geisendorfer, Feedsack Dress- Feed sacks, once made out of printed cloth, were reused to re-construct clothing and household linens. Feed sacks have since evolved into disposable plastic bags that end up being thrown away. Keli used old barbwire, cotter pins, hay bale netting, three feed sacks, and a recycled zipper to achieve this look. Who knew farm waste could look so chic?

Modeled by Katelyn Panek
Designer Melissa Abner, Coffee Filter and bag Dress- Coffee trash from a landfill was used to create this dress. Coffee filters were cleaned and sewn together to create the skirt. Cup sleeves create the detail on the bodice and a coffee bean sack was used for the base of the dress.

Modeled by Kelli Morford
Designer Kelli Morford, Computer Parts Dress- This dress is made from e-waste, junk mail catalogs, recycled clear plastic bags from an online shipping order and crunched up used CD's for a little bit of sparkle.   The straps and waistband are made from ribbon cables and the belt is created from braided cables of various uses and colors.  The back of the top is held together by two connecting pieces of a printer cable and wires are used in place of thread to sew the ribbon cable straps together.  CD's and computer keys accent the neckline. It has been accessorized by a long necklace made from broken pieces of jewelry found in a box at an estate sale, motherboard batteries and computer keys.

Modeled by Valery Lillo
Designer Valery Lillo, Newspaper Dress- Valery found a new purpose for her unused newspaper to create a dress. The newspaper is folded and stapled, while balloon strings tie the sides together.

Modeled by Ashley Umstead
Designer Abbie Barker, Ziplock Baggie Raincoat- Instead of polluting oceans with ziplock bags, Abbie Barker used them to design a trendy raincoat!

Modeled by Taylor Floyd
Designer Taylor Floyd, Pop Tab Swimsuit-“Pop’n’Tabs” was created by senior Taylor Floyd. A one of a kind, this swimsuit is constructed from soda pop tabs and trash bag ties.

Modeled by Natalie Niavarani
Designer Angela Vanbiber, Sprite Dress- Angela created this dress using three empty 12-pack Sprite boxes and four aluminum cans. It is lined with the plastic bags she carried them home In and the pop tabs were used in the back as closures for the dress.

To see more designs from the show and the recycled art pieces that were displayed, visit the Facebook photo album or check out this awesome video created by Photography major Chelsea Kane.  

Mark your calendars for 2014!

Next year's show will be held on Monday April 21, 2014.  Save your trash if you want to submit a design or mark your calendars to attend.

written by Natalie Niavarani & Anna Schottenhaml


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