Trend Forecast S/S 14

You see a 3-D printed dress, Moroccan Kaftan, and tennis skirt all hanging out together. Where are you? The Spring/Summer ’14 runways, of course! What do you do next? Ask them a little about themselves!

Trend #1:

Hi, I’m Hi-Def. I’m a trend for the tech geeks at heart. Inspired by 3-D printing, social media, and the internet, I’m pretty advanced for my time. I’ve always had a pretty close relationship with fashion and I can’t wait to finally have an entire trend based off me. I guess you could say that I’m kind of a big deal. So, a little bit about myself. I love the hourglass shape and smooth textures. Right now, I’m loving graphic images and saturate colors. Go ahead and take a closer look at what I have to offer:

Trend #2:

Salut! I’m Sultry Saltana. I’m in town from Morocco, but I was born in India. A lot of fashionites have been coming to see my home in Morocco and some pop-stars even had me star in their music videos. Fashion has been paying a lot of attention to me because of that, but I’m pretty new to the scene. I love my earth tones but recently I’ve been all about those bright summer colors. I’m a mover at heart and love the flow of natural fibers. You’ve probably noticed my intricate prints. You can read a bit more about me to see what they mean.

Trend #3:

I’m the tough tomboy of the group, Battle Ready. I’m all about athletic wear but after reading up on my current events, I realized I should start interpreting that trend as a modern day armor. With these bombings, threat of nuclear attack, and global warming, the state of the world as we know it is changing! My modern armor looks a little something like this. Black and white, with metallics. Structured pieces for protection but everything fits a bit loose so you can be ready at anytime. Really, I’m very no fuss when it comes to my fabric and textures, just like my current athletic wear. I won’t keep any longer, but here’s a little bit more about me if you’re interested.

Next summer, with inspirations coming from technology, pop-culture and current events, there is a little something for everyone. I know this summer isn’t over yet, but I’m ready to go shopping for next year!

-Leah Hoffman


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