A Wardrobe To Tell A Story

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by treasures. Now, I'm not talking about any buried loot on some pirate's island or anything, I'm talking clothing treasures. I firmly believe that a wardrobe is incomplete unless I know it is telling a story. Anyone can go to the store and buy an outfit, but it won't really mean much more than that. It is just an outfit. It is just a bit more exciting to know that maybe this bracelet is from the 1950's worn by my great grandmother and my shirt may have been worn in the 80's. Maybe it has seen the world. I like to frequent my grandmother's closet (boy are there some stories in there) as well as flea markets and antique stores.

Is That Your Grandma's Coat? 

Vintage coats are what are really just blowing me away right now. There is a huge trend right now in oversized coats and fur coats. I was in Topshop recently with my grandmother and we came across this beautiful coat that I'd had my eye on for a few months by then. My grandmother passes it and says, "Oh well I've got something just like this that I bought in Halls over 20 years ago." Sure enough, next time I saw her, she brought out this beautiful coat that was even better than the one in Topshop. 

The shoes I am wearing in the above picture are from this adorable little vintage store I stumbled into when walking around Hollywood this summer. I had been seeing this type of shoe for ages but could never figure out where to find them because every time I asked someone, they always said they were from thrift stores. I knew when I saw them I just had to have them. They were falling apart a little when I got them, but I just took them to a shoe repair and they were good as new(ish). I love wearing these shoes with little ruffle socks poking out the top when I wear dresses and tights. They also look really cool with cropped jeans and some decorative sock showing in the middle. 

Don't worry, that's not all about this outfit that is a vintage love. The hat I am wearing came from my Great Uncle. Supposedly he bought it back in his hippie days when he was galavanting the country having adventure after adventure. I think that one of the greatest things about wearing little trinkets like this is the inspiration it gives me. I am ready to make my own adventure. There is a lot of pressure on us nowadays to go to school, grow up, get a job, and from there you're pretty much set. No one alots any adventure time anymore. 

Circus Elephants

This crop top featured in this outfit is a lovely trinket I picked up at a flea market in Brooklyn, New York. I bought it from some ultra hip girl in her late 20s. It may not be vintage (maybe it is) but I know it has a story. That is what fascinates me. 
Fun fact: the bracelets I am wearing are also my grandmother's from the 60s. She picked up some beautiful treasures in that decade and is generous enough to gift me some of them. 

Combat Baby

These boots are some very hidden treasures I found at Those Were The Days in Warrensburg, MO. There are some very unexpected gems in that store. Anyhow, one day I was wasting time in there when I found just this one red boot. The ladies looked around for an incredibly long time to find the second but I was just so in love. What are the odds that the shoe would just happen to be my size? I looked up the company when I got home and as it turns out, they are from some cowboy boot company (definitely not what I expected) but they are really great quality. 

I like to think of life as one big treasure hunt. The more I get to incorporate my findings, the better. Hey, it creates one heck of a story. 

Written by: Mackenzie Clayton


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