Scarf Galore

Scarf Galore

How many ways can you tie a scarf? Scarves can be a creative accessories for any outfit. You can wear a scarf any way you can think of, but I have some ideas of different ways to wear a scarf with your everyday outfit. 

Bow Tie
Loop the scarf around your neck and make a bow by tucking the loose ends in the middle. A scarf tied in a bow can be in the middle or off to the side. Its a cute way to give an outfit a girly touch. 

Infinity Scarf
An infinity scarf is connected in a circle. Wrap it around your neck twice. You do not have to worry about it unwrapping and falling off. Infinity scarves can be thin like the one in the picture or thicker. A thicker infinity scarf will create a fuller look and can be worn for warmth in the winter. 

Long Infinity Scarf
An infinity scarf can be worn without wrapping it at all. It can be worn in one long loop. Wearing the infinity scarf long can be layered with a long necklace in the middle to make a plain shirt cute with two accessories. 

Long and Simple
Wearing a scarf long and not looping it at all can be a simple look to accessorize a winter coat or an everyday outfit. 

Single Knot
Wrap the scarf around your neck then take both sides of the scarf and tie a knot. This look creates a more professional outfit with a simple classic knot. 

Loop and Ends
 Take the scarf and put the ends behind your back and cross them and pull them to the front. It will make one loop in front with the two ends in the front also. It can be for a more casual outfit or dressier outfit. 

 Double Knots
This look is simple but creative with the two knots on each side. Just wrap the scarf around your neck and tie two know on each side. The knots can be in the middle or towards the bottom of the scarf also. 

 Pull Through Loop
Take the scarf and fold it in half to start with. Put the folded scarf around your neck with the ends on one side and the loop on the other then pull the ends through the loop. This type of tie is good for winter with a thick scarf like the picture because it completely covers your neck and chest to keep you warm. 

 Pendant Scarf
Wrap the infinity scarf around your neck twice and pull one loop down so you can see both loops. Put the pendant on the shortest loop and it will lay in between the two loops. The pendant can also be placed on the longer loop to create a different look. Either way the pendent with make any scarf dressier.  

Pretzel Scarf
This tie can be confusing at first so there is a step by step picture to make it easier. A pretzel tied scarf can be a creative look for any outfit. 

Loop the scarf around your neck like the loop and ends scarf. Pull one end through the loop. Twist the middle loop and pull the other end through the twisted loop. 

Written by Kelsey Callahan


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