Taking Trends From Music Videos

            Celebrities are supposed to be fashion icons and lead the way with fashion.  So, why not look to them for some trends to look for in the coming year?  All you have to do is watch some music videos and you’ll start to notice trends that pop idols all wear.  Throughout this post we’ll look through some outfits celebrities wore in their music videos and see what trends pop up.  Some trends that I noticed watching some music videos are 2-button suit coats, shiny tops, metallics, and an abundance of sheer fabrics.

Suit Coats

For Men, I noticed that they mainly wore 2-buttoned suit coats with a narrow lapel.  These suit coats can be worn formally or casually.  In Pharrel William’s music video, “Happy,” there were several 2-button suit coats found.  In Lady Gaga’s “GUY,” the main guy and his crew wore 2-button suit coats.  In Katy Perry’s, “Dark Horse,” the main rapper combined the trend of gold metallics with a black button down and a 2-button suit coat. 

From Left to Right - Pharrel William - "Happy" / Lady Gaga - "GUY"/ Katy Perry - "Dark Horse"

Shiny Tops and Metallics

Something I found in all of the music videos I watched was the use of gold and sequined or glittered tops.  In Karmin’s music video, “I Want it All,” she had a golden backdrop that she danced in front of in a red, sequined dress.  Her other outfit had a black, glittery top with a golden bracelet.  In Katy Perry’s video for “Dark Horse,” she wore gold in every outfit.  One outfit was an intricate gold top with gold gems glued to her skin and her hair.  Another outfit had her in golden armor with golden scales on her top, skirt, and wings.  In Lady Gaga’s “GUY” she wore gold jewelry with a red dress for one outfit.  In another outfit she wore a golden one piece while her background dancers wore golden outfits.  
From left to right - Karmin - "I Want It All" / Katy Perry - "Dark Horse" / Lady Gaga - "GUY"

Sheer Fabrics

Sheer fabrics were in almost every music video I watched.  Demi Lovato wore sheer fabrics in her music video “Let It Go.”  She had a black dress with sheer pieces hanging out of the bottom and sheer, lace sleeves.  She also wore a white dress with a sheer bottom.  Karmin wore a western style shirt made out of sheer, black fabrics in her video “I Want it All.”    Katy Perry wore them in 2 of her outfits in “Dark Horse.”  She wore an Egyptian-themed white dress with a sheer cape and another Egyptian themed dress with tribal print along the top and a sheer skirt.  Shakira was rocking a beige, sheer dress in her music video “Empire.”  She also wore a black dress with a sheer cape and a wedding dress with several sheer skirts and a sheer veil.  Now you might be seeing some trends in the use of the sheer fabrics.  There are so many sheer capes being made for pop idols.  I believe we blame this trend on Queen Elsa from Disney’s Frozen.  In her song, “Let it Go” Elsa creates a beautiful ice dress with a sheer long sleeve top, sequined top, shiny skirt, and a sheer cape.  I think it’s pretty safe to say that the ice queen started two trends for shiny tops and the use of sheer fabrics on sleeves and capes.

Top Left/Top Middle - Demi Levato - "Let It Go"/ Top Right - Karmin - "I Want it All" / Middle Left/Middle Right/ Bottom Left - Shakira - "Empire" / Bottom Middle/ Bottom Right - Katy Perry - "Dark Horse" / Middle - Elsa from Disney's "Frozen" 

It’s That Easy

Finding trends from music videos is just that easy.  You just watch the videos, notice what they’re wearing and compare them to other music videos.  The stars are fashion icons most of the time so even if the trend ends up being a flop you’ll still look cool.  By keeping ahead of the trends and watching music videos you can be an innovator and wear new styles and new trends before they get super popular.

Collages on this post are all made on pizap.com and all images are not my property written by Anna Silliman


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