The Art of Survival

The Art of Survival 

Written by Danielle Punch and Madelyn Parkhurst

Every year students from the UCM campus support breast cancer awareness by creating a bra of art. These students will spend anywhere from a week to two weeks of work in hopes that a model who is a breast cancer survivor, will be able to flaunt their bra down the runway. Many of these students feel personally touched by the efforts of Art Bra KC and their dedication to finding a cure for breast cancer. 

Community Give Back

Fashion Show 2013
Art Bra KC is sponsored by many different businesses of the community each year, such as Ameristar Cares, KCTV5, Infiniti of Kansas City, and many more. It is not hard to see that this is quite the event. Not only do sponsors give their time and money to this amazing cause, but others such as the UCM Fashion program also feel the desire to give back. One great way these students choose to do so is by using their creative minds towards crafting a bra that could potentially be sold and proceeds go towards the Missy's Boutique Patient in Need Fund at The University of Kansas Hospital. 

When and Where

April 4th, 2014 there was a showcase of all of the bras, which will be followed by the actual ArtBraKC event that will take place on May 2nd, 2014, at the Kansas City Union Station from 7:00p.m. to 11:00p.m. Two of the three student creations, Katie Hamill and Calli Brewer, shown below will actually be in the fashion show. Only the top 25 bras are modeled and auctioned off during the live fashion show. The rest of the bras will be placed in the silent auctions and live auctions. Tickets became available on sale March 7th. 

UCM Student Creations

Created by Kristin Sands
Created by Calli Brewer
Created by Katie Hamill


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