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As most of you know we just had our yearly Haute Trash fashion show; which is when designers make garments from left over anything. That is exactly what this young fashionista did. Her name is Kyanne Carlgren. She is 8 years old and stared sewing when she was 6. Can you believe that?  I didn't start until I was 14, and I already know this girl is more talented than me. I had a chance to interview Kyanne to figure out that lead her to this path. 

One question I had for her was why she started to sew? She mention her grandmother, who just happens to be the UCM Fashion Merchandising program's coordinator Dr. Lynn Alkire. She taught Kyanne how to sew, and has had the biggest influence on her. Another inspiring designer of hers is Kate Spade. 

Another thing I asked the future designer was if she wanted to make a career out of it, and her response was "yes I do, just like Kate Spade." Being so young it really is a great motivation to have someone to look up to and give inspiration, and Kyanne has two people for that.   

Summer Time Fun

Kyanne has created the dress she is wearing in the pictures on the sides. The 100% cotton scraps were leftover from chair covers that were in her parents wedding. Her grandmother kept the scraps in hope of finding a future use, and Kyanne found that use.  She sewed the strips together with most of the seams to the outside, and fringed the edges to give the dress added texture. The dress is completely lined with the same fabric. Kyanne has made several projects but this one had a special meaning. Kyanne selected accessories from her closet make her outfit complete.

Queen of the Royal Ball

In this part of Missouri there are a lot of Royal’s fans and Kyanne is one of them.  She is wearing a Royal’s Ball gown in support of her team.  This gown was designed by Lynn Alkire, Kris Carlgren and Kyanne.  It is constructed from all recycled materials.  The top is from a thrift shop and embellished with the Royal’s KC logo. The understructure of the skirt is made from wire and cotton fabric strips. The petticoat consists of white plastic bags.  Newspapers are layered in pieces to form the tiered skirt. The top layer consists of Royal’s clippings following their success to the World Series last year. Kyanne’s  Royal’s Ball gown is accessorized with a belt made from plastic milk cartons cut into circles and designed to look like baseballs.

Until Next Time

This was Kyann's first year at Haute Trash, and she loved it. She plans on coming back year after year. Who know what amazing new looks she will come up with next. For this being her first year she had two stunning repurposed garments. I personally can't wait to see more.

Dr. Alkire and her grandaughter.

Written by

Breann Hibbard


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