2015 Grammy's Fashion

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This year the Grammy's red carpet saw many different styles of dresses, tuxes, and pant/short suits. We never know what to expect from the stars but they never disappoint. As the stars began to arrive on the red carpe,t so did the fashion statements. There were a lot of sequins, color, and of course black, there's always black. Here are some of the nights' best and bravest fashion looks.
Black has been Beyonce's go to color for 2015, first the Met Gaga and now the Grammys. It's quite obvious that anything she wears will look great like this very detailed Proenza dress. Classy and simple was the look she achieved for the evening.
 He wouldn't be Pharrell if he didn't make a fashion statement and that's exactly what he and his finance did in their special Adidas fits. Which changed colors when revealed to the flash of a camera. His suit looks angel white but on the carpet it was gray, Pharrell is the future.
Everyone was talking about Rihanna's barbie doll dress which was pretty hard to miss. Her Giambattista Valli Haute Couture dress was fun and carefree, similar to Rihanna. No one knew what to expect from her but she showed up and showed out nevertheless. 
Sam Smith accepted one of his many Grammy awards in this vibrant red suit, of which the designer is unknown. It was a great suit that caught the audiences eye while giving his acceptance speech. He started the night off in a black Armani suit but the red one set him apart from the crowd, not to mention his multiple Grammy wins.

Written By: Velshay Stokes


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