DIY Beanies

Beanies have held their place as popular hair accessories. As they become more popular many people have began to customize their favorite hat to fit their personality, this can become costly if you have a vibrant personality...That's when DIYing kicks in!


  • Beanie
  • Loose Jewelry 
  • *This can come from anything laying around 

    • Needle
    • Thread ( as close to the color of chosen beanie )
    • Scissors (although not photographed)


    Step 1 : Get a Beanie! and other materials

    Any beanie can be used, NEW, OLD, and anything in between.
    DO NOT limit yourself to only black there are tons of  different colors!
    Purchased from local Beauty Supply, $1

    Broken necklace from Wal-Mart, $5

    Step 2 : Choose a design

    This step call for a little of playing around and mix matching jewelry. TAKE A PICTURE once you find your favorite so you can remember it. This sounds silly but having a detailed layout will help in the end. You can search "Bejeweled Beanies" any can search engine and look at the designs others have used. 

    Step 3 : Pick thread

    Thread should be as close to beanie color as possible. This will allow not so perfect stitches to be hidden. 
    Don't know how to sew? Gluing embellishments is also acceptable. For that you will need a hot glue gun instead of thread.


    If any of the chosen jewelry is still to together you will have to break the pieces apart, unless you intend to leave them together on the beanie. Breaking most fashion jewelry is very easy, all you need to do is pull the pieces apart (this was the method used with the example ).

     Final Step (5) : Cut off spare threads and WEAR YOUR CREATION

    -by Nerissa Rogers


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