HAUTE TRASH Designs from UCM

What is Haute Trash?
Whoever thought that you could be sustainable in a fashionable way? We all have heard the saying "One man's trash is another man's treasure". Instead of throwing disposable items in the trash, they are used to produce some pretty amazing outfits that are showcased in a fashion show called Haute Trash. Plastic bags, cd's, paper, cards, coffee filters, straws, etc. are all used to create signature pieces from all types of creative people. If you haven't seen the show before, you're missing out.

Haute Trash at UCM
Below are pictures of some outfits created by UCM fashion majors that were modeled in the trash fashion show at UCM. 

Michelle Anderson (on the right) create this lovely piece by using magazines to create flowers, cds, and bottle caps.  She even used an outdated crop top and dyed it a new color to use for the top.

Jessica Williams (on the right) used old records and record sleeves to create this unique outfit for the show. She stated that she melted the records and molded them to create the effect shown.  Modeled by Maggie Slifer, another fashion major.

Marissa Graham's trendy looking outfit was made out of a couple of items. The top is leather pants that were cut and redesigned into a top. The skirt is made out of her old literature book pages. She also accessorized this outfit with a belt she made out of k-cups.  K-cups are non-recycleable and BILLIONS are sold each year in the U.S.!  Modeled by fashion major Taylor Worrell.
Jasmine Thomas formed this two piece outfit with a skirt made from magazines and an up-cycled dress top.

Jasmyn Jefferson. (on the right) created this tutu skirt and top with recycled newspaper. Fashion major A.J. (Alex Johnson) is her model.

This adorable girl named Kyane modeled this KC Royals outfit in the Haute Trash Fashion Show. She helped her grandmother Lynn Alkire and mom Kris Carlgren make it.  You can read all about her in her own blog post.

Having babies can bring upon so much trash from their food to their diapers, but what better way to be sustainable than by creating outifts out of the "baby trash". Melissa Abner created these three kids outfits by using baby formula lids, formula scoops, and food pouches.  They are modeled by Marlie Abner (middle) and her cousins Madison Abner (right) and Sophia Jones (left).

Instead of throwing the shreddded paper from the office away, how about being sustainable by creating a stylish vest like the one pictured here instead.  Kristen Sands created a "faux fur" vest using shredded paper attached to a worn out curtain lining.  Her model was Taylor again.

This one is for the bird lovers. Pictured here is an outfit made out of bird food packaging with some tissue paper to create some ruffles. No one knew how fashionable you could be wearing bird food packing until "The Bird Lady" hit the stage.  This outfit came all the way from northern California from the Haute Trash archives to be modeled by me, Monique Hardy.

All of these outfits are artistic creations, but their true meaning is to bring awareness to how much waste we create each day.  It's not a cause, it's a lifestyle... Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Written By: Monique Hardy


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