Rainy Day on Campus

Rainy Days, We've all had them. We've all been stuck out in them. The worst is when you're on campus running from building to building trying to stay dry between classes.

The Prepared
You see the students who were prepared, who anticipated the rain. The ones wearing rain coats and carrying umbrellas. The ones staying dry. The students you envy because they look like they stepped out of a movie. Walking to class twirling their umbrellas above their heads, and splashing in puddles as they stroll to class.  The ones who exclaim "I love it when it rains!"

The Unprepared 
 Then there are the ones who had no idea it was supposed to rain. The brave students sporting the soggy T-shirt or mismatched hoodie and shorts look. The guy who went digging through the trunk of his car for a hoodie and only found one that said "Happy Holidays." The girl who unfortunately wore a white T-shirt with a brightly patterned bra underneath. The students who suddenly become track stars as they sprint to class.

Getting Prepared
 I know I usually end up being the student who has to ring themselves out in the bathroom before each class. I always think to myself as I'm trying to use the hand dryer to dry my shirt, that I should really find myself a rain coat and some rain boots. Then there's the problem of where to look, what do I want, and how much am I willing to spend. All you have to do is keep your eyes open. Most of your favorite stores will have a rain coat or two. As for boots, you could go with the expensive name brand, like Hunter (shown on the "prepared" girl above), or just go down to your nearest Target and check out their selection. If you are more of a fan of online shopping just start Googleing what your looking for and all types in all different colors will pop up.

These three boots are just a few of the many that Target has to offer and they are all ranging in prices.  They start at around $29.99 and go up to $79.99.  They definitely have something to fit your taste and budget.

This style of rain coat is my absolute favorite because this style doesn't really go out of style. It's cute and flattering on any body type and can usually be found just about anywhere. I personally like the brighter color jacket the best. The day is already gray and gloomy I want add a little color to my day. You don't always have to go with the traditional rain boots either. There are so many different styles. Tall, short, brightly colored or patterned.

You don't have to go through life dreading the rainy days. You can find the perfect jacket and boots to match your personality. Whether you want to blend in with the rain and wear a gray trench coat or stand out as a ray of sunshine with the classic yellow rain coat, you can stay dry this rainy season. Who really likes to spend time trying to dry off anyways.

By: Renee Avants


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