Balloons don't always have to be made into animals.

"Balloon Girl"

By: Justin Baker

I had the pleasure of hanging out with Molly for two days watching and photographing her process of getting ready for the St. Patricks Day parade in Kansas City. When you think of people who make balloon art you would normally only think of balloon animals or balloon hats. Molly creates dresses using balloons and goes all over the Kansas City area as an entertainer.

"How did you get started?"

"I learned how to make balloons as a bored and creative nine year old in my parents basement many years ago, and picked it back up when I was almost fifteen going into High School, realized quickly that balloons encompassed and utilized many of the visual and performance art elements in which I am skilled and about which I am passionate, so I made it into a business! I have happily been making balloons and branding myself as the balloon girl ever since."
Balloon stock pile!
Molly uses her sister to make sure the sizing is correct for her first kids dress!
Blowing up the balloons to continue working. 
"Hmm... What part should I work on now?"
Molly and her sister entertaining the crowd at the St. Patricks Day parade.
She is always ready to strike a pose for the camera!
Selfie time!
Waving to the crowd of people on both sides of the parade route.
Another selfie with a crowd member!
Taking a break from the parade to pose with the police officers.
One last pose to end the day!


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