Career Path in Fashion

There are a few different things that I want to do in the fashion industry. I would like to start off as a Product Developer and later work along side designers helping style models for fashion shows. I also would love to continue actually walking in shows. I have thought about possibly opening my own boutique, but I have not made the final decision on that yet. My ultimate dream is to become a plus size model.

Top Company Profile

My top company to work for would be Lane Bryant. It's a plus size store that has room for improvement within their product development team. When I first went into a Lane Bryant store I didn't like the styles of clothing they offered. Although, they have more trendy styles now, I still feel like there could be even better options. I aways thought that plus size women had a hard time finding cute trendy clothes. With that being said, I think that with the fashion knowledge I have I would be a great asset to the product development team. I want to try to help make Lane Bryant a plus size store with more fashionable options for plus size women. If I'm lucky, maybe one day I will be blessed with the chance to walk in one of their fashion shows.

Personal Knowledge and Skills

As of now I am still currently in school learning and I have yet to receive a position as a Product Developer for a company. Although I have not actually held this position, I feel that I still possess great knowledge and skills. I have taken a product development class and have also been qualified to receive a certificate in technology. I have worked in a boutique and retail stores also. I'm very fashionable and I stay updated with the latest trends. I am plus size, therefore I am a part of their target market and I know about plus size clothing and what the customer wants and needs. I can also help in the promotion and social media aspect for the company as well if needed. I'm familiar with Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. As far as promotion I would get involved in both of their campaigns and wear the merchandise as well.

BY: Monique Hardy


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