Festival Fashion Accessories

Let me introduce you to the top festival fashion accessory must haves that you can't find in any store. These items are very unique and only found at festivals or online. 

Third Eye Pinecones

Ethiopian Opal with Seed of Life
Third Eye Pinecones are beautiful pendants uniquely handcrafted. They are made from actual pinecones that come from the world's densest pinecone called the Knobcone Pine. These pinecones are very special because these pinecones only reproduce in forest fires. They come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and hues. The pendants come with different details like crystals, butterfly wings, sacred geometry and other creative details. This company is also Eco-friendly. They have partnered with American Forests to guarantee that if you buy a pinecone then they will plant a tree. Check out Third Eye Pinecones website: https://thirdeyepinecones.com/

Moon Man Creations

Moon Man Creations hat with lotus flower design
Moon Man Creations is a self sustaining company that creates unique bamboo bills for hats. Each hat is handmade in Kansas City. These bills come in several different designs like lotus flowers, sacred geometry, aztec, mandalas, and many more. They also offer different colored bills made from different types of exotic hard woods. You can also get a customized bill personally made for you. Moon Man Creations is environmentally friendly since they are partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation; they promise that when a hat is sold, a tree is planted. Moon Man Creations is an awesome company that gives a twist to hats that allow you to express your own, individual style. Check out Moon Man Creations website: https://moonmencreations.com/

Hat Pins

Alien hooper hat pin
Euphoria, Okeechobee, Decadence music festival hat pins
Hat pins are collectible pins that people wear on their hats, bags, hoods, fanny packs, back packs or just display them on a pin board. Hat pins come in many different shapes, colors, designs, and sizes. You can always find hat pins at festivals too. I personally collect one hat pin from each festival I attend. There are pins that represent different things like DJ's, music groups, hobbies, festivals, and designs. People collect these pins as a way to express themselves. Check out Strange Nature's hat pins: https://www.etsy.com/shop/StrangeNature?ref=shop_sugg#items

Written by Courtney Schwenck

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