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A swimsuit for every body type

Summer 2016 is here which means it’s swimsuit season. Unfortunately, swimsuit season is something that a lot of women dread. But have no fear because I’m going to tell you about the top four swimsuit trends I’ve seen so far and why there’s a perfect suit for every body type. These trends are halters, cut outs, high-waisted and one-pieces.

Good things come in small packages:

For all of you petite gals like myself, we have found a solution to all of our swimsuit problems. My personal favorite; halter tops. These are the perfect suit for you because they are modest yet still very cute! No more worries about having to continuously pull your top up. Another trend I’ve seen a lot of is simply just cut outs. Whether it’s on the sides or down the middle, cut outs are hot this season and add the right amount of edginess to any suit. 
Top Left: Rotita $21, Top Right: Yoins $7.83, Bottom Left: J Crew $68, Bottom right:Roxy $52 
Top left: Rosewe $20, Top Right: Walking-threads $9.99, Bottom Left: Boohoo Boutique $44, Bottom Right: Zoe Maillot $79

Thick in the hips? No problem!

High wasted swimsuits are the thing to have. No more being self-conscious of your middle section or feeling like you have to buy a one piece. High wasted suits are perfect for tummy coverage but still very adorable. On the other hand, if you WANT to rock the one-piece swim suit, now is the time. One pieces are a trend that is making a comeback this summer. Whether it be cut outs or deep vee’s, one pieces have it all!
Top left: Dear-lover $18, Top right: Rosewe $24, Bottom left: ETSY $40, Bottom right: Rosewe $19 

Top left: Free People $100, Top Right: Choies $14, Bottom Left: Top Shop $28, Bottom Right: Camilla Spirit of Ruh  $350
 These are a few of my favorite top swim suit trends for this summer season. There’s quite a variety that I think match the needs of every woman. So dread swimsuit season no more, because summer 2016 has a lot to offer. Get it while it’s hot! 

                                                                                                             ~Alyssa Schoen


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