“A Midwest conference for bloggers, creatives and social media enthusiasts. Designed to inform, educate and inspire.” 

I attended this conference March 5, and will definitely be returning. Starting around 9 am, it was a day filled with inspiration from the speakers to the table settings. The day was held at the beautiful Gallery Event Space in downtown KC. I was completely in awe of how perfectly but effortlessly it was all set up and put on. I immediately pulled out my phone and starting taking pictures if that tells you anything.  

Table setting as you enter GoBlogSocial


All the speakers were entrepreneurs and bloggers with great advice and motivating messages about how to take off in the blogging world. The first speaker of the day was a stay at home mom who was also a photographer. She was beautiful, and even though I’m not necessarily aspiring to be a photographer, I learned so much about different ways to master taking a picture in the right light. 

Allison Corrin's tip sheet


The Fashion Column Twins also spoke and were definitely my favorite! They are in their 20s and started a fashion blog right after they graduated from Kansas State. They have also started their own clothing line called LocalE shown below. They had a booth at GoBlogSocial along with many other local boutiques and businesses. Emily and Elizabeth (The Fashion Column Twins) were so inspiring and motivating. Ever since I joined the fashion program at UCM, I have always been anxious that I would not be able to find a dream job in the Midwest within the fashion world. Going to this conference and listening to these keynote speakers took away all those worries. 

localE's apparel displayed at GoBlogSocial


The last speaker of the day happened to be Jade Tolbert who was on season 19 of The Bachelor and season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise. She has over 663k followers on Instagram, and she spoke on how to make money and further your business or blog through Instagram. For being a celebrity in the Reality TV world, she was so down to earth and authentic. I was lucky enough to get a picture with her, too.

Jade Tolbert and I 

Not only were there speakers, but little booths set up all around the event space from local boutiques and businesses. The entire event space was filled with people who aspired to be entrepreneurs, further their blog, and make a difference. So, if you are or anyone you know, is blogging or wanting to start, get your ticket for @GoBlogSocial! It was an amazing, inspirational experience that made me even more ready to start pursuing a career in this field. 

Shine Candle Co. product

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Table setting at GoBlogSocial
-Hannah Pulis


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