Let’s get Swaggy with Thrifting
Allow me to be the one to assistant you with becoming one with thrift shopping...

Inexpensive fashion you said?!
Popping tags in the thrift store is not just a song, but a reality. There are so many items under $10, that’s right, UNDER $10!. Getting a pair of pants for $1.99 is nothing less than a cheapest blessing known to mankind.  Life doesn’t get any better than that. Another great thing about being thrifty is that no one else will have on what you are wearing. I mean really who could possibly have something that might be 20 years old? So it’s like shopping at a one of kind boutique if you will. They also have expensive name brands, so this is a dream for a fashionista or fashionisto on a budget.

First things first…
When a person walks into a thrift store remember, DO NOT GET OVERWELMED! There are so many treasures all you have to do is a little digging. The thrift store can be shopped for any event. The picture above is a silk paisley button down, which was thrifted, matched with white. The shirt was $1, I caught a great sale. This could be worn for a cute date or if the event calls for business casual as well. Honestly thrifting is for you, you, and of course you too!


Where is our first stop?
Some people might have a hard time figuring out what type of thrift store experience they enjoy. Goodwill and The Salvation Army have very low prices and a lot of garments to pick from. The best reason to go into a thrift store is that you can tell if the clothing looks right, or if the shirt is the desired material. Online thrift stores are a great option as well, for a more organized thrifting experience. Head on out start poppin' tags!

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Written by: Alex Johnson 


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