My Fashion Journey to Become a Fashion Buyer

My Fashion Journey to Become a Fashion Buyer

By: Dani Gatewood

Where It All Began 

My name is Dani, and I've always loved fashion ever since I was a kid. Project Runway really inspired me to be interested in fashion. I wore all the "coolest" clothes, and always had to look trendier than all my friends. My mom would buy me fabric and I would try to make clothes like they did on TV. I was always sketching clothes as young as eight years old. Here are some sketches I did!

Sketch of a party dress
Sketch of a work outfit

My First Fashion Job 

Then around seventeen, I started working at a local boutique called Bacara Designs located in Overland Park, Kansas. My boss taught me the ways of fashion merchandising first hand. She showed me how to forecast trends and buy merchandise that will sell, and I absolutely fell in love with idea of fashion buying. That's when I realized that was what I wanted to do as my career. 

What is a Fashion Buyer? 

A Fashion Buyer is someone who interacts with wholesalers and clothing manufactures to purchase lines of clothing, shoes and accessories to be featured in retail stores. 

All clothing from H&M 
My Dream for Working at H&M

I buy most of my clothes from H&M and their brand image really fits me and my style. I've always wanted to work there and I hope I get to for my internship. Their buying office is in New York and L.A. and that has been my dream to pursue fashion in a big city.  I think I would go a great job at becoming a buyer for H&M because of my knowledge of the company and how my personal style is defined by H&M. 


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