Orscheln Isn't Just a Farm Store

When you think of or see an Orscheln I bet a farm store is the first thing that comes to your mind. Little do you know, we also having quite a bit of clothing in our store too! A lot of our selection is work apparel but we do have some trendy pieces also. Unfortunately not all of our stores carry the "trendy" clothing, most of our smaller stores just carry the work wear. As an employee of Orscheln I wanted to share with you some of our options with our trendy clothing which usually isn't too pricey either.

Outfit #1- Georgia Peach

The first outfit that I have put together totals around $175.98, luckily most of the items the model is wearing are on sale. The Kristin Marie Chiffon top is $19.99, The Blazin Roxx Black with Studded cross purse runs around $59.00. The jeans are Rock47's and they are $69.00 and the necklace is also a Blazin Roxx piece and it costs $27.00. A couple of the items in this photo like the purse and the necklace are actually on sale, which drops the price of the whole outfit quite a bit. 

Outfit #2- Southern Bell 

The second outfit is my favorite outfit that I put together, it totals around $251.97. Although it seems a little pricey its actually worth the money. The necklace pictured is a Montana Silver necklace it comes with matching earrings but the model is not wearing them, the total for the necklace and earring set is $89.99. The Ella Samani shirt is $21.99, and the Blazin Roxx black sequin purse with the cross is $75.00. The jeans the model is wearing are Wrangler Premium Patch boot cut jeans that run $64.99. The clothing items pictured are good quality and I would highly recommend purchasing one of the few listed. 

I hope both of these outfits will make you think twice about stopping at your local Orscheln!! 

Written by Kelsey Kasson 


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