Summertime Look-Book '16

6 Must Have’s to Take on Summer ’16

Six of the trendiest items for you to take on the upcoming season; a glimpse into my fashion forward look-book to take on Summer ’16

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1. Off-the-Shoulder
The Off-the-Shoulder look is the number one must have for Summer ’16. This look is trending everywhere for fashion forward women and will not be going anywhere soon. The Off-the-Should look is sexy without showing too much skin, which is always a look confidant women strive to have.

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2. Floral Romper
Time after time, floral comes through as one of the biggest trends for the season. This floral romper is perfect for summer ’16 with the pink and purple flowers. Floral will be the print to have in order to stand out, which makes this floral romper a necessity. American Eagle will be your home to find your entire wardrobe of floral for summer ’16.

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 3. Jean Skirt
Jean is always in, no matter the season. This summer jean skirts are going to get even bigger. Button up the front jean skirts were in this past fall season, but true jean skirts are plunging back in style. Jean material is a style icon, a necessity to every season. Summer ’16 is going to be known for their trendy jean skirts.

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 4. High-rise Flare White Jeans
Flare pants have been on the rise in the fashion industry. Summer ’16 is all about the white high-rise flare jeans. High-rise jeans have been in for many seasons, but this summer it’s adding the flare. The flare jean is making its way back up to being one of the most trendiest items; now summer ’16 is bringing it with the bright white.

Express $59.90
 5. Gladiator Sandals
Gladiator Sandals are here, and are bolder than ever. The higher up the sandal goes, the trendier you will be. Gladiator sandals will be the shoe you must have to pair with your favorite dress, romper, or even shorts. These gladiator sandals zip up in the back and wrap around the shin up to the kneecap.


Express $34.90

6. Collared Necklace
In order to be completely set for summertime ‘16 you must have the final touch. Collared necklaces are the number one accessory to own for the summer. Chokers came back strong, and now all types of collared necklaces are everywhere. The more intricate and elaborate the necklace is, the trendier you will be. Express is the place to shop for your favorite every season collared necklaces.

Written By: Allie Reynolds
University of Central Missouri


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