Who said Henna was a Fad?


I’ve thought long and hard about billions of ways I could start a blog about henna. And I must say henna is not an easy subject. Every little detail is meticulous, every little detail is redundant, every little detail matters. Henna slayers continue to evolve. We go hard, and we master every detail to perfection.

Mehndi Art or Henna Art originated back in the day. I'm talking about way back in 700 bc. Henna is a fashion accessory, that keeps progressing. I heard Henna may have originated in Egypt and that ancient Egyptian mummies had red dye on their finger nails and in their hair. 

Inspired by henna art on Google. Henna appears brown when applied, and leaves red stain. 


Henna is a temporary paste, made from a Lawsonia intermix shrub. This flower is harvested, dried up, and ground into powder. Henna lasts up to 14 days, depending on skin type, the paste, and how often you wash the design.  Red and Brown Henna paste last 7-14 days.  Black Henna paste lasts about 4-7 days.   (Other colors may vary). 


Have you ever heard somebody say, "time is beauty?" Well, they were referring to the henna designing process. Although henna comes out beautiful, it also takes a long time to perfect your skill, and create full hand, foot, shoulder, or belly designs. It can take up to 50 minutes to complete a full design in henna on a specific place of your body or some one else.

And if you think that's all ...Think again!.
You also have to wait up to 45 minutes for the henna to dry, because you would  hate to rush and smudge the henna, mess up your design, and have blotches of light red, black, or brown henna on you or your clothes.

Practice makes perfect. No one can really teach you how to create designs, you can look up other designs online, free style a bit, or create your own. Just trace your hand on many sheets of paper, and begin to let your mind flow. Then you have designs to show, and produce on yourself and others.

The ART  

When I think of henna, I think of it as another form of art,  tattooing, and of fashion. Some say it is a fad. I say it is everlasting. You can not just do the same designs forever, you'll have to come up with another collection. Henna is a free form of art, or fashion. Do your own thing. And remember...Do not force it! Your hand will start shaking, and what could have been a pretty flower is officially a blob of paste!

Seeing each design after you have completed a henna design on someone, or yourself, is a wonderful thing. You're automatically thinking, wow this really is beautiful. Did I do that?

So... if you are looking to start pursuing becoming a Mehndi or Henna Artist, never be discouraged. It's all in the wrist. You control the cone. You are the cone. Master the cone. 

How to MASTER the cone! 
Set you up a henna station, bring a friend, put your headphones in and do you boo!
P.S ...

If my professor likes this blog post, I might start henna blogging and showing DIY's on how to make henna cones, mix henna paste, where to purchase henna products, and more of my designs. Stay Tuned!

And if you are in the Warrensburg area DM me on Instagram @munkslays or @slaymyhenna and come let me slay your henna too!
This is a more intricate design done on a client using brown henna. 
Henna design done on myself, achieved with black henna paste. 
This is black henna. Black henna lasts up to 4 to 7 days. 

 Blog Post By: 
Zakkiyya Murarah, the Henna Slayer


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