5 Upcoming Streetwear Brands

In today's fast paced fashion world staying on top of all the new brands coming out of the woodwork can seem intimidating. Luckily, one of my favorite things to do is search the internet and try and learn as much about these new brands as I can. So here are my top 5 up and coming street wear brands for 2017 in no particular order.

With Retro graphics and text all over their clothing STAYCOOLNYC reeks of early 90's culture, while also being infused with modern fashion trends that leads to a overall really cool first collection from them.


Based in Hungary, this accessory focused brand is really cool  and offers a ton of super unique designs.With their love for vintage hiking gear and fresh new ideas YKRA has managed to make some of the coolest backpacks out on the market today.


So up and coming they don't even have a website yet, Voj├ęttes is a Russian brand currently selling off of their Instagram page.  With some basics like hoodies and shirts with unique prints and Russian texts they are set to be a brand worth looking out for.

4-Syndicate Original

Based in the Ukraine, Syndicate Original blends eastern European fashion with sportswear, offering a large assortment of jackets and windbreakers along with shirts and pants as well.


Based in LA this brand brings high fashion to counter culture. With love for anything punk, they take inspiration from anything from spiked hair to cigarettes to camo. With super trendy pieces like checkered hoodies and off white t-shirts this brand is set for major growth soon.

Written by: Jake Speed


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