Go to Getaway - Warm or Cold?

Besides the basics, there are a few important items to have in your suitcase depending on your vacation destination. Some trips come up unexpectedly or you just haven't had time to figure what you need to pack before you leave. For clothing, I'm the type of person who likes to pick out outfits, rather than items, so that I know exactly what I'm going to wear and on what day. Also by packing outfits, you create more room in your suitcase for other last minute necessities instead of trying to cram every item in your wardrobe you like and hope that by the time you get to your destination you will be able to create outfits out of them. Based on your vacation preference, there are some other things besides clothing that are essential to have.

Desert Vacation Outfit Option    vs    Beach Vacation Outfit Option

If you prefer warm destinations like me, there are certain thing you will need for places like the beach or desert. When it comes to clothing, it is important to stick to breathable fabrics if you want to stay cool on a hot day. These fabrics include such things as cotton, linen, rayon, and blended fabrics that can be moisture wicking. A good moisture wicking fabric would be Nike Dri-FIT. Chambray is also a good substitute for denim because it is a thinner fabric but still looks like denim. Wanting to pack every pair shoes you own can be an issue, so to save space in your suitcase you should stick to what you need. If you are at the beach you may only need flip flops or sandals such as the Steve Madden platform sandals pictured above. If you are exploring in the desert you might want to pack a pair of hiking boots or tennis shoes. The hiking boots pictured above are from Timberland. Everyone knows that if you are going to the beach you must have a swimsuit and now that any type of swimsuit style is popular, there is no reason someone can't feel comfortable in what they prefer. There are several cute swimsuits that can be found at stores such as Anthropologie and Alter'd State. To keep the sun out of your face, you need to pack either a sun hat or a baseball cap. If you get hot easily it is also good to pack a bandana which you can soak in ice water and then put it around your neck or head to cool off. Unless you have to wear prescription sunglasses or you just have to wear your designer sunglasses while on vacation, you can always wait to buy a cheap pair at a convenience store to save room in your suitcase if that tiny amount of room makes all the difference. Another way to save room in your suitcase is to buy a water bottle once you get there because staying hydrated on a hot day no matter what you are doing is important. Some people get sunburns easier than others, but everyone should still wear sunscreen such as the Sun Bum SPF 30 pictured above.  People traveling by plane know that liquids cab be an issue, so save yourself and buy this at the convenience store once there. To be prepared for possible weather change while you are there, you might want to pack a lightweight jacket and a pair of pants just in case it gets cold unexpectedly.

Cold Weather Outfit Layering Option

Packing for a cold weather destination can be quite difficult, because you want to pack everything because you never know how the weather will change. When it comes to packing and trying to save space in your suitcase, it gets frustrating when your winter coat takes up half the space. To make room for other necessities wear your jacket instead of packing it or instead bring a jacket that has a high warmth to weight ratio such as The North Face ThermoBall synthetic jacket which is shown in the picture above. The hat, gloves and boots pictured are also from The North Face. Patagonia offers snow pants and leggings that are similar to the ones pictured above. Everyone thinks of packing sweaters when they are headed to colder places but instead you should pack lighter insulated garments that take up less room when space is limited. Now that each thinner garment is taking up less room, you can use the lighter insulated garments as layering pieces and have more options to choose from, which creates more outfits. It is crucial to have wool clothing because it helps regulate your body temperature when the weather has changed. Snow boots or hiking boots can be really bulky and take up a lot of space so depending on the activities you have planned, one of these items should be worn rather than packed to save room. Some other accessories are necessary to have in cold weather such as gloves, ear muffs, hats, and scarves. Even when these items are small, making room for them can be a problem. You should stuff all of the necessary accessories into your jacket that you are wearing so that no packing space is used. If you have to go out and buy some of the essential items and are never planning on needing them again, it might be best to buy the cheapest items that still serve the same purpose as the highest quality products.

As attractive as the Colorado Rocky Mountains may be, I prefer places with warmer temperatures, beaches will always be my go to getaway. What do you like, a warm or cold weather destination?
Written by: Nikayla McLain


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