How To Turn An Everyday Campus Look To A Night Out On The Town

Day or Night and Still Fly.

written by Kailyn Griffin

Spring is here and it's finally time to shed those coats and UGG boots. No more walking to class in the freezing cold, and simply not going because it's just way too cold. I'm sure nothing makes a college kid happier (maybe when your professor hits the class with 5 extra credit opportunities at the end of the semester, that MIGHT take the cake) than when spring arrives. The cold actually sucks even more when you're a fashion major. This big ugly coat covering up this bomb outfit, what a nightmare!

College, so stressful though right? Especially when you have a full day of class and can't wait to be finished to unwind with friends. Wondering what to do when you have to go from campus, to drinks with friends and no time in between? Here's how to turn that simple campus look into a look for Happy Hour within minutes! 

Campus Look

When you're on campus you want to be cute and simple (over the top on a good day). For us fashion majors, CUTE is a must though. With the nice Spring weather emerging, finding something that's weather appropriate is so much easier. It takes little time to just throw on a graphic tee (Walmart $8), leggings (Forever 21 $4), a pair of tennis shoes (Vans $65) and jet out of the house. Waaayy better than having to find socks for your boots, a hat, scarf, etc. 

Night Out 

Girl you know you can't wear those tennis shoes to Happy Hour though! Pull out your favorite pair of thigh high boots (Public Desire $65) or regular heels and strut honey. And don't worry, your shirt dress may seem short but with the height of the boots hitting just below the hem it balances really well. Throw on some lip gloss or your favorite Mac shade and you're ready to get lit!

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