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Campus Look of South Korea


Campus Look is literally "Campus Look",
what college or university students are wearing in the campus. 

As an exchange student who had experienced both campus of South Korea and the U.S., I felt that between two countries, there are lots of difference especially for wearing in campus. Then I thought showing you guys how Korea students usually wear will be interesting and funny!

How many guys heard about "CAMSCON?", whose name is website of kind a look book of all Korean university students. (https://camscon.kr/)

We Korean usually are always dressed up in campus. One of interesting things is all female students do full make-up every morning and choose ootd carefully.
In our university culture, attending school with cool outfit and well matched make-up are one of means of expressing oneself, charging high rates. 

Especially in my major "Clothes and Textile," dressing up should be prepared well before getting job as important attitude for students who will be one person of fashion field later.

Every seasons and every campus has each particular mood and color of picture. But one common thing is all of them are REALLY COOL.

Now, I am gonna show you several pictures for you guys that I carefully chose!

Even, one girl was getting famous and popular through her personal Instagram with showing her daily campus look. Now she is an owner of her own online market!
@Zoopeach (https://www.instagram.com/zoopeach/)

The other girl is HERE.
@yen_tak (https://www.instagram.com/yen_tak/)

There is nothing better than keeping seeing cool and nice outfit for developing personal sense of fashion and finding own style that look good on each person. 
By showing diverse style to all students, I think, CAMSCON wants them to be much better oneself who could express COOL!



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