10 Tips to Thrift

Hey bargain hunters and fashion lovers! I'm here to teach you all how to look great on a budget. Perfect for college students and anyone who thinks looking good costs just a little too much. Here are ten tips that will help you survive a trip to the thrift store: 
1. Location, location, location
I know it’s cliche, but this is the most important rule. The nicer the area, the nicer the clothes will be.

goowill storefront.jpg
You can usually tell how nice the thrift store is by its storefront.
2. Try to make outfits 
Don't just aimlessly buy things that you know won't match a lot. If you find something you really like that doesn't match what you already own, scrounge the store for something that looks good with it.

3. Don't be afraid to try something new (or really old)
Yeah that sweater is from the 80’s, but fashion is recyclable! Just try it on anyway and see how you like it. You’ll never know until you try.
(This was the 80's sweater I was talking about)

4. Always inspect the clothes thoroughly
Nothing is worse than scoring that cute dress that you could die for, and then realizing there’s a huge hole in it. Don’t wait to be disappointed, look before you buy.
Even a small hole can really put a downer on your day.

5. Wash before wearing
I know this is kind of an obvious rule, but sometimes I get so excited to wear my new finds the next day, that I don’t even wash them. Sometimes clothes from the thrift store smell like moth balls or smoke, so make sure they are clean before wearing!

6. Stock up early 
Who would have thought these would be at a thrift store!?
It’s spring time, so everyone is in there looking for the flowery dresses and tank tops, while I stocked up on those in December! Always be a step ahead of the seasons, or you’ll be like everyone else, wondering where all of the cute clothes are!

7. Patience is key
I’ve heard a lot of people say that they don’t thrift because they aren’t patient enough. Well, you do need to have some patience, but that’s the fun of it! You never know what you’re going to find, and when you snag something you just love, the work is worth it.
Goodwill Racks.jpg
Usually the racks are color coordinated, so you can pass up all of the colors you know you don't want.

8. Make sure you have a good amount of time to shop
This ties in with #7. In order to get the full experience at the thrift store, you need to look through racks and racks of clothes. So give yourself a few hours, and then you won’t feel like you have to rush through it. This also gives you time to try on all of your finds (because if you’re like me, chances are you’ll have a cart full of clothes by the end of it).

9. Never leave out the shoes and bags
You can never have too many shoes, bags, and accessories! Why shouldn’t you have a purse to match every outfit? And, if you shop in a well-off area, chances are you can find designer purses! They’re usually behind the counter, and cost a little bit more, but I think $20 is pretty reasonable for a Coach purse.
Yup, all from thrift stores.


10. OWN your clothes.
Who cares if you got it from Goodwill? When someone asks, tell them! They’ll be surprised you got such a stylish shirt from a thrift store, and so cheap!! I have people giving me compliments all the time on my outfits, and when I tell them where I get them, they ask to come with me next time! Share the love, and share the deals!
A full outfit from Goodwill!

Happy Hunting!

For more tips on getting started thrifting, see AJ's post here. http://fashionucmo.blogspot.com/2016/04/lets-get-swaggy-with-thrifting-alex.html

Written by Lauren Studer


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